Quality Evaluations and Consulting Services

The rise of social media -- where each Guest has a following and potentially wide-reaching influence -- means that everyone who walks through your lobby doors is a VIP. 

The modern hotelier gives equal emphasis to the emotional experience and star/diamond ratings. Travessa Hospitality is ready to provide a fresh viewpoint, helping to ensure that each Guest enjoys every minute of the stay and  can’t wait to return -- and publish their rave reviews on social media. 

While most properties receive traditional scored checklist-style, third-person reports  through their corporate provider, our narrative reports, written in a  “you are there” first-person style, will complement your corporate services. We consult with the client to ensure that these reports reflect your unique culture, concerns and standards.  

We visit as undercover Guests, auditing the full range of hotel and  resort services, including reservations, valet, bell, reception, Guest  services, room and property inspections, food and beverage, sales and catering, housekeeping, engineering, security, spa reservations, spa facility inspection, spa reception and orientation, spa and salon  treatments, holiday events, children’s programs and recreational  activities. 

We have a diverse team of experienced, conscientious auditors who provide a fair and detailed account of the stay. Every audit is tailored to reflect the charm and features of each individual property, using current AAA and Forbes ratings standards as well as the property’s specific training materials and management input.  We can also provide a staff copy of the report (with specifics such as  date, time, and the employees' names omitted) that can be used as a  training tool for all levels of staff.   

We can help you:  

  • Gain clear insight into what impacts the Guest experience
  • Achieve and maintain the highest service standards
  • Build Guest loyalty and increase revenue
  • Prepare for Corporate, AAA and Forbes inspections
  • Train your staff using separate management and staff copies of the reports
  • Prepare for soft openings and provide baseline intel on new acquisitions
  • Troubleshoot and competitor shop

"Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest, Put Our Service to the Test!"

- Beauty and The Beast